Monday, October 31, 2011

Veterans Mortgage Forum - New Mortgage Industry Discussion Group

Lenders Compliance Group, has formed the Veterans Mortgage Forum. The new forum was launched today, October 31, 2011. Invitations have been sent to industry participants. Membership is free, open to all, and is an Open Group on LinkedIn, with social media functionality in Twitter and Facebook.

Veterans Mortgage Forum provides an interactive and discussion website at:

In addition to the social networking media, Veterans Mortgage Forum welcomes articles and posts from contributors, thereby further enhancing the information available to veterans and other interested parties.

"Often, veterans are improperly informed about VA mortgage financing and we have found that there is a need for greater familiarity with various issues involved in such financing," said Jonathan Foxx, President and Managing Director of Lenders Compliance Group, adding "and that is why we formed the Veterans Mortgage Forum, specifically to expand the knowledgebase of veterans and enable them to be more effective and educated."

Veterans Mortgage Forum is not associated or affiliated with the Veterans Administration (VA). The views expressed are those of the contributing authors and commentators, as well as news services and websites linked to it, and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of any governmental agency, business entity, organization, or institution. Veterans Mortgage Forum is not affiliated with and is not a mortgage broker, mortgage banker, or a federal or state financial institution.

Indeed, according to Mr. Foxx, "Veterans Mortgage Forum website is not a referral source for loan originators or U. S. veterans who seek a mortgage, nor is it associated or affiliated with the U. S. Veterans Administration (VA), or any person or entity involved in originating a VA residential mortgage."

"Veterans Mortgage Forum's Administrator will ban any comments that use this forum as a referral source," says Mr. Foxx. "This forum has a very focused purpose: it has been created to empower, educate, and provide a space to discuss and share information about VA residential mortgage issues. It should not be used as a source of referrals or a way to originate loans."

Veterans Mortgage Forum is open to one and all, and it welcomes contributing authors and visitors. It should help to provide useful and timely information to its readership.